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Local Wokingham oven cleaning specialists who love to clean your filthy ovens, hobs, extractor fans and barbecues!

Welcome to Oven Doctor (Wokingham), your partners in grime-busting glory! We're not just another cleaning crew – we're the sworn defenders of ovens, hobs, and extractor fans everywhere. Our crack team of cleanliness crusaders is here to rescue your kitchen from the clutches of filth, one oven at a time.

From the moment we arrive, armed with our arsenal of eco-friendly potions and scrubbing spells, you'll know your kitchen is in good hands. We're not just here to clean – we're here to transform. The greasy, grimy battleground will soon be a shining stage for your culinary creations.

So, dear kitchen virtuosos, if you've been avoiding your oven's sad gaze, if your hob is feeling ignored, if your extractor fan has given up on you – fear not! Oven Doctor (Wokingham) is here to mend, scrub, and enchant. Get ready to bid adieu to the grunge and welcome a kitchen that shines like the star it truly is.

  • 24/7 Online Booking System
  • Local Oven Cleaning Technicians
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Specialist Cleaning Tanks
  • £2m Public Liability Insurance
  • Impeccable Local Reputation
  • DBS Checked Technicians
  • 5-Star Reviews Online

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    An All-in-One, Hassle-Free Oven Cleaning Service.

    From a filthy oven to a greasy hob ... a grimy extractor fan to a BBQ haunted by last year's feast ... Oven Doctor are here at your rescue!

    Booking System

    24/7 real-time booking system through our website, with transparent pricing for your specific clean.


    Cleaning Technicians are highly trained and qualified to clean your ovens, hobs, extractor fans and BBQs.


    Each oven cleaning technician is highly trained to Oven Doctor's rigorous standards.


    All of our oven cleaning technicians are local to each region, ready to rush out to your oven's rescue.


    Yes, we really do love cleaning
    your filthy ovens...

    Yes, we know it sounds weird ... but the filthier the better. We know that most people brush the oven cleaning chore down the to-do list, and we really have seen it all when it comes to the state of ovens (and especially BBQs!). So why not just let a professional oven cleaning company who are highly rated, local, reputable, and who simply love to bring the shine back to your filthy ovens just do the hard work for you?

    We'll bring our dedicated vans with cleaning tank installed, along with our powerful but eco-friendly cleaning solutions, coupled with our highly experienced local cleaning technician who will transform your oven, hob, extractor fan and BBQ ... all without you lifting a finger!

    See what all the fuss is about ... get the Oven Doctor treatment by booking online today!

    The OVEN DOCTOR way...

    1. **Mess Whisperers:** At Oven Doctor, we tackle the messiest of ovens, hobs, extractor fans, and barbecues. Our specialty lies in transforming kitchen nightmares into sparkling havens.

    2. **Effortless Booking:** Say goodbye to hassle! Our stress-free online booking system ensures you secure your appointment without any upfront payment. We'll only ask for payment once your oven is gleaming.

    3. **Full Spectrum Care:** We're not just about ovens! From greasy hobs to noisy extractor fans and filthy BBQs, we've got your kitchen covered. Our thorough touch brings back the shine to every corner.

    4. **Lasting Cleanliness:** With Oven Doctor, it's not just a quick fix. We employ eco-friendly products and expert techniques to ensure a deep, lasting clean. Your kitchen will be a masterpiece long after we've left the scene.

    BOOK ONLINE 24/7

    Welcome to Oven Doctor – your oven's best friend!

    We're the local heroes of cleanliness, rescuing ovens, hobs, barbecues and more from the jaws of grime. But guess what? Booking your oven's spa day is as easy as pie with our 24/7 online system. No upfront payment needed – we'll work our magic first. Because at Oven Doctor, we clean whilst you relax!


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    Professional & Affordable Oven Cleaning in Wokingham.

    Here at Oven Doctor, we offer best in class services for oven cleaning in Wokingham. Our cleaning technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of home and kitchen hardware cleaning. Rest assured that we will restore your appliances to their former glory!

    During our years of experience in the industry, we have gained many loyal customers who regularly recommend our professional work to others; to us, this proves the quality of work that we deliver.

    When cleaning your ovens, our technicians only use harmless chemicals to ensure the safety of everyone present on site. Our Wokingham oven cleaning technicians are fully insured and will thoroughly clean your oven within one to four hours of arrival.

    We have years of experience and work to the highest standards. We arrive equipped with the right tools and specialist cleaning products to make your oven look brand-new. We will also ensure that our work causes minimal disruption to your daily routine.

    Our services cover: Ovens, AGA and Range Cookers, Hobs, Microwaves, BBQ’s, Hood.

    We offer our services not only in Wokingham, but also in the surrounding areas like Chertsey, Berkshire, Egham, Shepperton, Bracknell, Woking, Ascot, Thatcham, Staines, and Windsor.

    Frequently Asked Oven Cleaning Questions:

    The price of our Wokingham oven cleaning service differs based on the type of oven you want us to clean. Cleaning a single oven will cost £50 while double ovens cost £60. We can also replace your oven’s bulbs and clean your hob for an added fee.

    Definitely! Ovens benefit massively from a thorough cleaning done by a professional. Most homemade cleaning products can’t remove the most stubborn stains or reach right into every nook and cranny inside your oven. Our oven cleaning company in Wokingham specialise in old-fashioned, professional deep cleaning, which prolongs your oven’s lifespan and makes it as good as new again.

    We suggest cleaning the interior parts of your oven every six months, or twice a year. However, if you use your oven every day, or cook messy or greasy food often, it needs to be cleaned more frequently. Speak to our stove experts if it’s been a while since you have lad had your oven cleaned.

    Yes. In some cases, dirty ovens can cause a fire. Every time you use a dirty oven, the food residue and the dirt built up inside burn. This burnt residue may produce smoke or even lead to a fire in your home. Additionally, inhaling the smoke may cause health issues.

    A thorough oven cleaning will take one to four hours, depending on how much dirt and grime it has accumulated. Our team of kitchen stove specialists have the right tools and cleaning products to remove all unpleasant smells and visible dirt inside your oven.

    Things to do in WOKINGHAM

    Wokingham railway station provides services to the market town of Wokingham in Berkshire, England. It’s located at the junction of the Waterloo to Reading and North Downs lines, around 59 kilometres from London Waterloo. The station is managed by South Western Railway, and services the Great Western Railway with two platforms.

    Coral Reef Waterworld is England’s largest interactive water world. The place features lots of activities for customers to enjoy, such as huge pools, a giant pirate ship, an erupting volcano, tall waterslides, and so much more. It also boasts the popular Coral Spa, which is strictly for adult customers only.

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