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Cleaning an oven is often thought of as one of the more challenging household chores. For busy people, there is never enough time! But you no longer have to worry, as there is a company that does the best professional oven cleaning Southampton has to offer and is always willing to help.

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You can count on Oven Doctor to solve your woes as we are specialists in every aspect of oven cleaning. It is our goal to return our client’s appliances to as close to showroom condition as possible.


Using an exclusive range of cleaning products that are both non-caustic and fume-free, our fully trained and insured oven doctors will clean your oven to the highest standard. We are well-equipped to clean a wide variety of oven and cooker models and guarantee that we will remove all kinds of tough oven grime and grease.


Established in 2012, we have worked hard to gain a positive reputation in the community. And through the diligence and dedication of our team, Oven Doctor have earned countless recommendations on top of a considerable amount of repeat business from our satisfied clients.

Domestic Oven Cleaner Southampton


We guarantee to provide the best Southampton oven cleaning service on the market today. Not only will we help you save valuable time, but money in the short and long term as well.


We know for a fact that having a clean oven effectively reduces cooking time and extends the working life of your appliance. At the Oven Doctor, we adhere to a time-tested approach that is kind to both your pocket and the environment!


There’s no grease or stain too stubborn for us to remove. Thanks to our advanced equipment, customised products, and experienced approach to oven cleaning, optimum results are achieved every time.


For your convenience, we are flexible with bookings. You can opt for either a regular or one-off oven cleaning service at the most competitive prices.

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Safe And Efficient Methods


We understand that cleaning ovens can get messy and how important it is to take precautions to prevent spillages and other accidents. That’s why we make it a point to come in prepared for every cleaning opportunity that we get. In all of our cleaning jobs, we provide floor coverings to protect your floors and carpets while cleaning your oven.


Our comprehensive list of services and the time we take for each type of cleaning service is as follows:

• Single oven – approx. one to two hours
• Double oven – approx. an hour and a half to three hours
• Range Cooker/Ovens – approx. four to five hours
• Bulb Replacement

• Hobs Cleaners
• Aga’s
• Combi Ovens
• Extractor

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Oven Cleaning

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How much does it cost to get an oven cleaned?

The standard cost to hire a cooker cleaner is usually between £38 and £73. Most cleaners determine cost based on location, the time it takes to clean, and the age, and condition, of your oven.

Is it worth getting an oven professionally cleaned?

Dirty ovens can be dangerous as they increase the risk of oven fires, which is a great reason to keep your oven clean, rather than take your chances with the fire hazard. Taking advantage of professional oven cleaning in Southampton will not only leave your oven with a showroom finish but will also help prolong your oven's working life.

How often should you get your oven cleaned?

As a general rule, the inside portion of your oven should be cleaned at least every six months. If you cook a lot of messy food that spits, or if you use your oven daily, cleaning should be done more often. If you only cook occasionally, twice a year will suffice, though you may have a need for our microwave cleaners instead.

How long does it take to clean your oven?

For self-cleaning ovens, the average cleaning cycle lasts about three hours. The intense heat is designed to turn debris, dirt, and even grease into ash. It will only take our oven cleaning company Southampton service two hours to do the job for you.

Is a dirty oven dangerous?

Safety concerns are often associated with dirty ovens, with the risk of fire being a primary concern. Leftover food and grease stuck to the window and inside of the oven continue to burn whenever it's used. Apart from a fire hazard, the smoke particles emanating from charred food is also detrimental to your health.

Professional & Affordable
Oven Cleaning

Steps For Cleaning The Inside Of Your Oven


The inside of your oven is the area most likely to get greasy and grimy due to continuous use.


First, make sure the oven is off and lay out newspapers on the floor next to your oven to catch any dirt. Next, use a dry brush to scrub off the grease and grime. Next, spray the interior with cleaning products of your choice (e.g., Aga range cleaners), leaving the product for the prescribed amount of time.


If you’re using a home-made baking soda or vinegar paste, it is best to leave them overnight for best results. Finally, sweep away the cleaning products and debris using your scrubbing brushes and scourers.

Tips To Make Oven Cleaning Easier


  • Get the Vac out – Use a vacuum cleaner to remove unwanted debris quickly. Just make sure your oven has cooled down before doing this.
  • Make your own range cleaner – Mix vinegar and baking soda to create a natural cleaning paste to remove grease and grime inside the oven. Leave it for 30 minutes before wiping away the dirt and residue.
  • Use an old toothbrush – an old toothbrush is very helpful in cleaning hard to reach areas of your oven. It even helps you get right into the corners.

Helpful Hints From Professionals On How To Keep Your Oven Clean


Now that your oven is clean and shiny, you’ll want to keep it that way:


  • Before cooking, line the bottom shelf of your oven with foil or an oven sheet.
  • Leave bicarbonate of soda on top of stubborn stains overnight.
  • Roast meat and fish in cooking bags to cut down on the amount of fat that may spit inside.
  • Once you’re done cooking, place a heat-resistant bowl of water inside and heat the oven on medium temperature for 20 minutes, then use a damp cloth to remove loose dirt and grease.


But if that sounds like too much effort, get your oven professionally cleaned now! Our team of experts at the Oven Doctor are available with the most effective oven cleaning service Southampton has to offer!

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Checktrade Oven Doctor 5 stars reviews

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A large international airport on the edge of Southampton. Located just across the border in the Borough of Eastleigh, Southampton Airport is four miles north-north-east of Central Southampton. In 2019, the airport ranked third out of 30 airports in the UK for customer satisfaction by Which? magazine with a score of 77%.

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